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Brand Story:

Phyll(必尔)作为hmg推出的首个喂养用品自有品牌,从产品研发到生产过程,充分融合了当前国际婴幼儿产品的最新理念和最高科技,选用国际上流行的新兴安全材料,致力于从源头保障婴幼儿健康。 随着现代消费观念的不断进步,人们已经从单纯的便利需求提高到了安全的层次。而今必尔品牌的推出,不仅通过自身实力的展现创造了婴幼儿产品安全领域的新标准,而且将品牌发展方向提升到了益智功能开发的全新领域当中。 phyll在每一款产品的每一个细节上,都充分融入了精心设计的益智科技元素,让宝宝在进食的同时,充分刺激宝宝的情商发育。让每一个必尔宝宝茁壮健康,领先一步。

 Phyll, as the first nurturing product brand in hmg, in order to bring you a safe and reliable product, fully integrates the latest concepts and the most advanced technology of international baby products from the product development to its production. Its features are as a result of evolution, according to consumer’s demands over many years of service. HMG’s research now combines the advanced product design to stimulate baby’s intellectual ability and for baby EQ development during feeding process. With the birth of the brand phyll, marks a new era in baby products, one that combines scientific research with that of product safety. We strive for every phyll’s baby health and intellectual well-being.